Center for Media Studies

Center for Media Studies is a body of artists, academics, researchers, students and scholars actively involved in the production of visual content, performance, teaching/learning media, film, media studies, television and in general, all forms of visual media,arts and culture. This organisation focuses on academic interactions, debates, workshops, festivals, conferences and innovations in media and cultural studies. The flagship programme, National Documentary Short film festival celebrates its fifth year in 2018. A production house for audio and visual media will be launched soon with a special focus on education and empowerment.

Department of Media Studies

The Department of Media Studies (formerly Visual Communication) was established in 2012, four years after the inception of the modular form of the department with a unique and widely appreciated post-graduate diploma in Visual Media. The undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes offered by the department consist of the theory and philosophy of visual arts, culture and communication, mass media, spectatorship and practices of seeing, new media, interactive media, film and television with practical training in digital film technology, sound and video editing, cinematography, light design, script-writing, graphics and animation.

Academic Programmes
Academic Programmes

The Department offers a plethora of academic programmes ranging from undergraduate diploma, degrees and post graduate degrees in Visual Communication, Multimedia and Film Studies and Production which would shape up generations of talented media professionals.

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Media and Method in 21 Century
Media and Method in 21 Century

Widely acknowledged for her theory of ‘Male gaze’ and the essay entitled “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, Prof. Mulvey is a seminal figure in the realm of psychoanalytic film theory with Jean-Louis Baudry and Christian Metz. She is well known for her avant-garde films co-wrote and co-directed with Peter Wollen such as Penthesilea: Queen of the Amazons (1974), Riddles of the Sphinx (1977), AMY! (1980), Crystal Gazing (1982), Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti (1982), and The Bad Sister (1982).

NDSF, Thrissur

National Documentary Short Film Festival (NDSF) is designed to develop a culture of cinema and to carve a niche for documentaries on a national scale to deal with the questions of society, democracy, environment and art. The emerging role of documentaries and short films in the making of a distinct and politically lauded visual sensibility is the inspiration in developing this project. This alternative premise attempts to connect to the larger frames of spectatorship and cultural practices.

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Radio Production

Center for Media Studies Radio brings together education and entertainment. Download the radio app and play in your smartphone or computer anywhere in the world. Education, art, theater and dance, cinema and visual culture, technology, science and history, literature and music are some of the key features of this project.